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Re: [IP] MM 515/715 remote

One of the reasons I chose the Paradigm 511 was the remote feature.  I 
thought it would be great for eating out, especially if my pump is in my 
bra.  As it turns out, I never use it.  I tried it a couple of times, but 
didn't like the limited function.  You can't see what you're bolusing on the 
remote and have to rely on either tones or the vibrate feature, depending on 
how you set it.  You choose the amount of bolus increments you want it to 
deliver (0.1, 0.5, 1.0, etc.) on your pump.  Then when you go to bolus, you 
press the "B" button on the remote the number of times that will give you 
the correct amount you want to bolus.  You will hear a tone or feel a 
vibration, depending on how you've got it set up.  Then you press the ACT 
button and it repeats the tones/vibrations.  You need to count them and make 
sure they're correct before you press the ACT button again to confirm the 
bolus.  This is a great safety feature, but not all that convenient.

As an example, if you eat something that is 10 carbs, have a 1:10 carb to 
insulin ratio, and have the remote bolus feature set to 1.0, you can press 
the button, hear one tone, press it again, hear another tone, press the ACT 
to confirm, and you're done.  But suppose you eat something that is 100 
carbs?  You have to press the bolus button 10 times and hear 10 tones.  Then 
you press it again and it plays back 10 tones to confirm.  You have to 
listen/feel and count the tones to be sure you're delivering the correct 
amount.  I tend to eat low carb anyway and would never eat 100 carbs at one 
meal, so I had mine set to deliver increments of 0.1 or 0.5, depending.

I can remember being in a restaurant and trying to listen to and count the 
tones over the noise.  This is not so great when people you're dining with 
are talking to you either.  You can't carry on a conversation, count bolus 
increments you set, and then listen to the bolus increments played back to 
you at the same time.  I had to ask my husband to be quiet for a minute 
while I concentrated, listened, and counted.  Was that 9 beeps or 10?  Oh 
shoot, I lost track - I need to start over (if you don't confirm the bolus 
within a certain time period it will cancel itself).

Anyway, I think the remote is a great idea in theory, but would be much more 
useful if you could actually see what you're doing with it.  I find it much 
easier and less distracting to pull out my pump (even if it's in my bra), 
push a couple of buttons, and I'm done.  Of course, this is just my 
experience with it and I've read where other people on the list like it and 
use it often.  I would recommend taking it for a test drive before making 
that your deciding factor in choosing a pump.  BTW, that was just one of my 
deciding factors in choosing the Paradigm, size was another one.  I have 
absolutely no regrets, but now that there are other small pumps, I will be 
looking into those when my warranty is up.  At this point in time I'm 
leaning toward an Animas IR1200, mainly because of the smaller basal 

Shawna Nansel
T1 3/02, Pumping 8/02 Paradigm 511

From: "Shannon B" <email @ redacted>

> I'm in the process of choosing my pump (yay!), and I'm looking at the 
> Cozmo, the Animas IR1200, and the Minimed 515/715. One of the features 
> that interests me is the remote control on the 515/715. I understand that 
> it has limited function--simple bolus and suspend/resume only. Can anyone 
> tell me about experiences with the remote? Does it perform well, is it 
> helpful, that kind of thing? Thanks! 
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