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Re: [IP] type 2 and complications

> Can anyone with more knowledge of type 2 explain this? Is it possible
> to have complications one year after diagnosis?

Keep in mind that regular bloodwork could show a fasting BG that is within 
 normal limits, but that person could have PP BG that is way out of normal
 The only test that is routinely part of regular bloodwork is FBG.  An a1c is 
not normally done on someone unless they've been diagnosed with diabetes or 

So, someone could run normal fasting BG for years but be doing all kinds of 
damage, unknowingly, with high PP BG.  Plus, a FBG of 110-126 only gets one a 
diagnosis of pre-diabetes, and frankly, that seems absurd to me since 
non-diabetics rarely have any BG over 100.  


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