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[IP] Wake Up Call

Lee Ann,
I don't think you need a wake up call.  I think the same way as you,
although for me a cure is not feasible (unless I get a new pancreas as I
had 80% of mine removed that is why I am a diabetic - and that opens
another can of worms that I would rather do without!).
I think a lot of individuals that have lived with diabetes so much
longer than us are a little skeptical about a cure as one has been "just
around the corner" for years and years now.  (I believe if they do find
a cure it will be for Type 2, long before Type 1)
I also believe that it is not automatic that you will develop
complications.  I am sure there are individuals out there who have had
diabetes for a long time, kept things under control and have not one
complication.  Or it might be that complications might develop but maybe
not as quickly or as severe as others may have.
My motto is to worry about today and let tomorrow wait - if I do what
is right today, tomorrow will take care of itself.  I also don't think
of diabetes as a death sentence or that it somehow makes me different
than non-diabetic people.  It's like people that have allergies to shell
fish - does that make them different people?  I think not (I know that
is over simplification but you get the drift).  Personally, I count
myself lucky that I have Diabetes and not cancer or AIDS (actually did
the cancer thing twice and have been fortunate to beat it both times!)
So if you are living in la-la-land - then I am sure you are not alone
because I for one am right there with you!
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