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RE:[IP] Do I need a wakeup call or what?

Lee Ann said:
<Snip> At this point, diabetes doesn't feel like a death sentence to me. 
Yes, I have to be concerned with things (like testing, bolusing, 
planning and correcting)that others needn't ever consider... But I don't 
see myself as being all thatdifferent from my non-D friends and family. 
Am I living in la-la land?

and George Davis replies:
No you are not in la-la land, Lee Ann!  I have had D for 40 years and 
still no complications.  I maintain an A1C in the mid 5 range, test 8 or 
10 times a day, and I feel good.  I'm 68 years old now, and I plan on 
being here for a long while longer ;-)

George Davis
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