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Re: [IP] Stacking Corrections

When I get into a situation where I find that I need more than one
correction, my pump trainer taught me to switch to temp basal.

Example:  Let's say I'm in at teacher workshop.  Sitting still all
day, and the stress usually makes my blood sugar go up -- I've
actually learned to turn on the temp basal ahead of time, makes life
go better, but until then, here's what might happen.

I ate breakfast, and 2 hours later, I have a blood sugar of say, 160
-- that's 20 points higher than usual.  Then at lunch, instead of my
blood sugar going down, I might be at 180.  That means that something
hinky is going on.  I'll then switch on the temp basal, go up 20% and
start testing every hour on the hour.

If my blood sugar stays where it should, 140 after lunch, I got lucky
and hit the right basal.  If it is too low, I'll back down to 10%
basal, or if two high, I'll kick up to 30%.

The good news, is that I've done enough teacher workshops to know I'm
going to go high, so I'll start the day out with the 20%, and test
every hour.  Yeah, I could go high, but then I find I doze off from a
blood sugar high, which doesn't look good.
I also find it harder to sit still, read, etc.  I'm "lucky", my vision
blurs around 160.

I'd do the same type of thing if I had an infection or was coming down
with something and see elevated blood sugars.
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