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Re: [IP] Do I need a wakeup call or what?

At 2:10 AM +0000 1/13/05, Lee Ann wrote:
>  As a type I diabetic for 8 years, I've never been very clear on how 
>concerned I
>should be about what's to come. As many have explained on this board of late,
>whether or not I'll end up with complications depends not only on how well I
>manage my sugars, but also on genetics. (Neither of which gives me 
>any certainty
>regarding what's to come.)

I think the wakeup is needed on thinking that there is ANY certainty 
with Diabetes.  That is another true oxymoron.  Taking good care of 
oneself will not guarantee that you will remain complication free, 
nor does taking poor control doom you  to those complications.

Some of us are lucky, some are not so.  All of us do our best then 
only hope for a good outcome.  I consider myself one of the lucky 
ones.  40 years with not always the best control but only minor 
neuropathy.  Actually, it was moderately severe but has improved with 
tighter control.  But there is always the possibility of getting a 
pebble in my shoe and having an amputation a few days later.

As far as a cure around the corner, from my perspective, it is an 
immensely large corner.   More of a curve and that goal is not quite 
in sight.  I can live with that, what other choice do I have?    ;>)

who never heard the "death-sentence" while growing up!
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