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[IP] Do I need a wakeup call or what?

 As a type I diabetic for 8 years, I've never been very clear on how concerned I
should be about what's to come. As many have explained on this board of late,
whether or not I'll end up with complications depends not only on how well I
manage my sugars, but also on genetics. (Neither of which gives me any certainty
regarding what's to come.)

 Admittedly, time doesn't often allow me to scour every IP digest that comes
through, but the general impression I get as I scan them is that it's only a
matter of time before I start falling apart. (Am I misinterpreting the remarks
that I find here?)

 Nearly a year ago, I signed on with my current endo--very competent, very
optimistic. (Can he possibly be both?) As he was checking my feet during that
initial visit, I made a comment about not having any complications "yet." He
quickly corrected me, assuring me that I needn't ever experience them--what with
advances in technology and medicine.... He assured me that, one way or another,
a cure is just around the corner. He's an educated guy, but I don't gather from
many who post here that you share his view.

 At this point, diabetes doesn't feel like a death sentence to me. Yes, I have
to be concerned with things (like testing, bolusing, planning and correcting)
that others needn't ever consider... But I don't see myself as being all that
different from my non-D friends and family. Am I living in la-la land?

If so, could somebody please give me a wakeup call?

~Lee Ann

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