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[IP] Re: IOB question

 Yes, we had a debate on this very issue just a couple of weeks ago. You're
right - any IOB is left from a previous meal (or previous correction bolus) and
should still be working on those carbs. Therefore the IOB should not be
subtracted from the new bolus that you need for new food. That's why the Minimed
bolus wizard informs you of the IOB, but does not subtract it from a new food
bolus. However, it does subtract it from a new correction bolus, although your
same logic should apply there. I think they subtract it in that case because
they're afraid of people going low and the legal ramifications of that. That's
the only reason I can think of for them subtracting it from the correction
bolus. Of course, you always have the option of overriding the wizard's
recommendation. Pam

<I understand the concept of Insulin on Board, but isn't that insulin 
because of a previous meal that it's there for ? So if you need more 
for more carb's shouldn't you not worry about the IOB.>
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