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Re: [IP] IOB Question

>I have been reading these e-mails for a couple of weeks now but I am confused
>about IOB.
>I understand the concept of Insulin on Board, but isn't that insulin there
>because of a previous meal that it's there for ? So if you need more insulin
>for more carb's shouldn't you not worry about the IOB.

That's exactly the way it works if you are above your BG target.  But 
suppose  your target's 120 and you are at 85 two hours after a meal. 
You still have IOB from the meal bolus, but assuming it was a normal 
meal and not something like pizza you are probably dropping and 
should eat something.  My problem is that with the IOB subtracted 
only from the correction portion of the bolus, the IOB is totally 
ignored if you try to bolus for that snack.  So you have to figure 
the correction snack very carefully and NOT bolus for it.
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