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Re: [IP] ketones

>How do you check your ketons? Is there a home test kit
>for this?
>Thanks, Kathy
>--- Joni Hill <email @ redacted> wrote:

Two methods, urine ketone test with Ketostix or Keto-Diastix and 
blood ketone test with the Precision Xtra meter.


>  >
>  > Is it normal to have mid-trace ketones after having
>  > high ketones?  I woke up last night really sick, chk BG, 494!! It was
>  > 206 at bed, but I still had 2.5 IOB's. I think my tubing my have
>  > gotten bent or something.  Any ways, at 6:30, BG was 165, with
>  > medium ketones, but I felt OK.  I  drank a big water, and at
 > > 7:30, BG was 103 w/ trace ketones. No ketones now, but I was just curious.
>  > Joni
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