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[IP] Re: losing weight the diabetic way

 Karen, I would be careful about cutting your basal by half two hours before
exercise AND removing your pump for the hour of exercise. For me, that would be
way too little insulin. I need to either underbolus for the meal preceding
exercise (it it's within two hours), cut my basal starting an hour ahead of time
and lasting until the end of the exercise, or if I forgot to do either of the
above, then suspend my pump during the exercise. Again, for me, it's one or the
other of those three options, but not all three at once, or even two at once.
You might want to reconsider this, and start experimenting with just one
adjustment. Regarding removing your pump, I used to do that and leave it in my
gym locker until I realized that I would be in big trouble if there was an
earthquake or fire or something and we all had to quickly evacuate the building.
So if you remove it, I hope you at least keep it in the same room with you. Pam

<I don't want to go to zero either, so I'm lowering my basal rate by 
half 2
hours prior to working out tonight, and then removing the pump during 
aerobics (it gets in the way, and since I wear shorts and a bra top, 
stupid with the tubing out of control---I hate that).  I'm willing to 
high blood sugars but don't really like going low while at the gym.  
And I
want to stop having to eat before I work out, it just ruins my diet.  
I'll be experimenting for the next couple of weeks to see what works.
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