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[IP] Re: Medicaid and Humalog/Novolog

 If you can't get ahold of Humalog, don't give up on Novolog so easily. When I
had to switch due to a sensitivity to infused Humalog, at first the Novolog was
terrible. I would go really high for about 3 or 4 hours after a meal (300's)
then within 20 minutes crash to a bad low. My endo adjusted my basals and
insulin to carb ratios after the first week (decreased basals and increased
boluses), and after that my blood sugars were much more stable then they'd ever
been on Humalog. I could go all day and stay within a 30 point range pre and
post meal with the Novolog. Now, unfortunately, that's not always the case,
probably because I've gotten careless with my carb counting, etc., but the
Novolog stills work very well. Anyway, for me at least, the two insulins had
different peak and duration curves, and it was simply a matter of adjustment.

<I have a serious problem, well it is to me .  I just found out when I 
went to 
get my prescriptions filled that medicaid has quit paying for Humalog 
 will only pay for Novalog(of the two). I have tried Novalog before and 
does not control my sugars no where near as well as the Humalog does. I 
why? Aren't they supose to be the same?>
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