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[IP] Denise

Denise - you wow me!  What amazes me about your story is that you are in the
nursing home, have had a significant heart attack, and you are taking
advantage of your access to the internet!  AWESOME!  I love the positive
attitude you have despite some serious health problems.  What a lesson to us
all.  Today - you are my hero!  Best wishes for a quick recovery.  Keep up the
good work.  Have fun teaching those "medical personnel" about the pump!

Janice from SC

Denise wrote:

"duh! 4 days after my 65th birthday I had a heart attack.  My bg was dropping
too low and   because I vomited my husband called 911, gave me glucagon and
as I wrote to Sarah recently,  they did remove my pump from my cold dead
hands. The defibrillator got my heart beating again and 19 days later I woke
up. No voice, confused etc. I am now in a nursing home with my pump back on
and nobody here has even seen a pump, so Animas is sending a rep today to
instruct the staff! Neat!   I am having lots of physio to restore me to my
previous healthy state, and hope to go home soon. Best wishes to everyone."
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