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[IP] An Embarrassing moment

Yesterday I went to my aunts funeral.  I checked my BG and found  myself to 
be higher than I wanted so I did a correction bolus.  A hour and  a half later 
I was acting so silly, cracking jokes at the expense of the pastor,  my aunt 
etc.  I decided to check my BG.  We were in the fellowship  hall of a church 
getting ready to eat, btw.  I was at 48.  I am  usually pretty lucid at 48 but 
not yesterday.  My mom asked what my BG was  and I told her 48.  She freaked 
out and yelled to anybody who would  listen  "She's a diabetic, she needs to 
 eat! Is it okay for her to go ahead of everybody?" I kept telling them I had
 glucose and could use that but no it was insisted upon that I get food. Well,
I told her after I ate  that I really wanted some banana pudding but she had 
already let everyone know I  was a diabetic and they would probably all look 
at me funny when I went to the  dessert table.  My cousin, who is also a 
 diabetic, went and got dessert. Mom said I could go too cause I had a pump. She
 said my cousin should not be eating dessert as she does not have a pump! Gee,
Mom  really does understand a little about the pump after all!
Anyway, now everybody says they will stay with me at family get togethers  
cause I get to eat first!  Or with my brother, he did the same thing at a  
cousins wedding one time!  Ahhh, the life of the privileged!   LOL
Debbie and "Annie" from Western KY
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