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RE: [IP] diagnosis late, Live long ??

I was not aware I had company. Diagnosed in 1989 at the age of 44. At the
time I was told that if it had to happen, the later in life the better.
Reason, organs have developed by this time, vs juveniles who have not.
Supposedly leading to less of a chance of complications. I believe this up
to a point, but I do not consider myself any different from anyone in this 
Group. Aging with the "D" from what I understand can still bring on a whole
Bunch of problems if control goes too far out of whack.


People said: 

>>>>>Typically becoming type 1 later in life results in: >1. less
complications >2. slower loss of insulin producing cells than happens to
children who tend  to become totally insulin  dependent in much less

and then, >>>>Wow, I did not know this. Where did you get this information?
I would love to read more. Ginny - Type 1 at age 47 Using a Paradigm 511

And I would too!   Wow, indeed.  I developed Juvenile Diabetes at the age of
44.  Test showed no insulin production.....exactly 6 weeks after a bad sinus
infection that knocked me out.   The did the peptide or whatever that was
test.  I was put in hospital for two weeks with all these adorable teen age
boys.   Learned about sticking oranges first, then me.  

If I really thought that I would have better odds of not getting
complications because of the late in life issue, I would have less
depression and MORE hope about living a longer life.  Sometimes I get afraid
of not getting to 80 (only 17 years from now).   I, like we all do, have so
much to do.  

Please share your source if you have one.  Even if you just heard this
somewhere, it will be nice to think it is true.  It would be better to have
it factual.  Thanks for sharing.

Bonnie from Bama

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