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[IP] Off the wagon. Struggling for control

Yep, I have quite a bit of trouble with this too.  Here are some of the 
things that work for me:
1)Short-term goals...as I don't currently have any complications, and I 
don't want to live constantly in fear of developing them, I can't think very 
long-term when it comes to daily D management.  If you like and respect your 
endo or CDE, this can be a good motivator to have good records to take to 
your next appt.  Maybe you are trying to get an A1C closer to the non-D 
range like a 5.something...focus on the three month period before your A1C 
rather than the rest of your life as a Diabetic.

2)Keep records...yes, I am the worst with this, but even if you fall off the 
wagon for 2 weeks, go back and write all the numbers down from your meter 
and pump...it will be much easier to start back up again taking good notes 
without a big gap in time in you records and the longer you keep records, 
the easier it is to keep them up.

3)Aim for good morning bloodsugars...this sets the tune for the whole day 
and can give you the confidence to work a bit harder throughout the day to 
keep them within normal range.

4)Try not to eat out for a while...forcing yourself to eat "countable" foods 
for a couple of days can get you right back on that wagon before you know 

5)Don't beat yourself up..when I start doing that, the control goes out the 
window.  When you start to believe that you can't take good care of yourself 
then it's easier to become a bit more self-destructive.

6)Stay connected to IP and learn from others.

7)Splurge on a new D or pumping book, read up on new ideas for living with D 
and continue educating yourself.

8)Try a new challenge to your control, maybe the total nutrient counting 
rather than just carb counting...I've found that giving myself new little 
challenges motivates me to work a bit harder.  If you do go out, make it a 
little test for yourself to see how closely you can guess the amount of 
carbs and fat in the meal, etc.

9)Remember that this is how it is...ups and downs are normal, but remember 
how much better you can feel when you are on top of this disease and it is 
not controlling you.

Take Care,
Dx 1986, pmpg 2.5 years
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