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Re: [IP] Re:Medicaid & HUMALOG

At 08:49 PM 1/11/2005, you wrote:
 >Gina and all others unable to afford their meds on their own,
 > They have been advertising the nationwide program called "Free Med 
Direct". It
 >supposedly is for anyone not able to afford their meds on their own, or for
 >needed meds not covered by your insurance. They are supposed to cover all 
 >and strengths of medications. If anyone is interested the # is: 
 >They just may be able to help you.

I did a little Google search and found a number of warnings about this 
group. Below is one of them.


>What is  Free Medicine Direct ?
>This outfit advertises via print and TV infomercials that if you spend 
>$50.00 per month on medicine, they will magically get you free medicine.
>What they don't tell you on the ads is that:
>- They charge you an up-front fee of  $200.00.
>- Even if you don't qualify to get the free medicines they hype they keep 
>your $200 regardless.
>Example: you see the ad, you call up, you give them $200.00.  They send 
>you an application.  You fill out the application for "Drug X" and submit 
>it to the drug company but you are denied free medicine.  Free Medicine 
>Direct keeps your money whether you get the free medicine or not.
>-  What they do is mail you applications to submit your information to the 
 >various indigent patient programs that Pharmaceutical companies offer for
>- They charge a high fee for their service ($200 to sign up) which in our 
>opinion exceeds the value of what they do.
>Free services that do the same thing as FreeMedicineDirect:
>- Helping Patients.org does the same thing that ( 100% Free)
>- NeedyMeds.com  does the same thing that ( 100% Free)
>- Free Medicine Program does the same thing that ( 100% Free)
>- Rx Assist.com does the same thing that ( 100% Free)
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