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Re: [IP] question @ bolusing

Thanks I am on the mm715. before dinner it was @ 161 which I thought
great! after dinner I am thinking I messed up on carbs counting.... and
they did give us how to do a correction bolus I was just not sure if I
could bolus w/o a meal. I am still learning. all this with the pump

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1/11/2005, dawn R wrote: >>Ok today I was started on insulin andthe pump!
yea!!!!! I started >>out >>good but last check I was at 391... the basal
doesnt start until >>1130pm >>due to taking lantus last night. My
question is when I have a high >>bg can >>I bolus without eating??   Dawn
> >Yes.  You should have been given correction information by your
>trainer.  For me, if I'm more than 140 2 hours post meal, I bolus 1
>unit for each 50 points I'm over.  If I have ketones, then I add >some
additional to cover the ketones.  Your doctor, CDE or trainer >should
have given you instructions for correcting highs.  Which pump >are you
on? > >RoseLea >.
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