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In a message dated 1/11/2005 5:36:53 PM Eastern Standard Time,  
email @ redacted writes:

Type 1  diabetes is not a reportable disease so the figures that the CDC 
gives are  guesses - and probably not very good guesses at that.  I do not  
believe that more adults are diagnosed with type 1 every year than  
children..  If you talk to experts in the field, most will say that  type 1 
is developing at younger and younger ages than in the past and that  more 
children are being diagnosed.  The CDC's National Diabetes Fact  Sheet states 
that "this form of diabetes usually strikes children and  young adults."  

Our JDRF chapter has a mentoring program for which I am training to be a  
volunteer, they told me that there are 400 new type 1 cases diagnosed in  
 children every month here in Georgia. I can't remember what the figures were
previous years, but evidently this is a huge increase.  I remember  how 
 devastated our family was and how much help and support we received from JDRF
I am glad for the programs they do have and hope to do my part  to  find that 
cure!  Our family has raised $27,000.00 during the two  walks since our son's 
diagnosis.  I am happy that this organization focuses  on a cure as its main 
goal, because in the end, it will help all Type 1's.  
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