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[IP] Re: Losing weight the diabetic way

 Depending on how long after a meal, I either underbolus (if I'm going to
exercise within 2 hours of the meal), or else I reduce my basal starting an hour
before the exercise and lasting until I'm done. If I do a fairly strenuous 5
mile hike or an hour of intense aerobics, I put the temp basal at only 20 or
30%. For not quite as strenuous a workout like 30 minutes of weights and 20
minutes on the treadmill, I usually put the temp basal at around 50% if I'm
below 130 when I start. If I'm above 150, I usually don't make any adjustments
to the insulin and when I'm done I'm on target or a little lower. Even after
exercising for years, it still varies and I don't always get it right. Before I
learned to reduce my basal or bolus for exercise, I was having to eat more to
keep from going low, which is counterproductive to exercising for weight loss!
Everyone reacts differently, so you have to experiment. But the beauty of the
pump is that you can make adjustments so that you don't h!
 ave to
 eat extra. Pam

<I underbolus for the meal prior to exercise ensuring that I will start 
exercise at a higher bg.  This helps to keep me from going low during 
after exercise.  I try to start my exercise somewhere between150 and 
and I usually end up right on target afterwards.  You may need to do 
experimentation to find out what works best for you.>
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