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Re: [IP] Need ideas

Type 1 diabetes is not a reportable disease so the figures that the CDC 
gives are guesses - and probably not very good guesses at that.  I do not 
believe that more adults are diagnosed with type 1 every year than 
children..  If you talk to experts in the field, most will say that type 1 
is developing at younger and younger ages than in the past and that more 
children are being diagnosed.  The CDC's National Diabetes Fact Sheet states 
that "this form of diabetes usually strikes children and young adults." 

JDRF does acknowledge that adults have type 1.  As a matter of fact, there 
are many adults with type 1 who work for JDRF - both paid and volunteer. 
Again, JDRF's mission is to find a cure for type 1 diabetes and its 
complications.  If you have type 1, you are not ignored by JDRF.

What kind of materials would you like to see?  I would be happy to see if 
they are available.


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> Hi Donna--Another idea for JDRF: acknowledge that most people with Type 1
> (juvenile) diabetes are adults, and acknowledge that most people who are
> diagnosed with Type 1 are adults (according to the CDC, 30,000 new cases 
> of Type
> 1 are diagnosed each year, 17,000 of which are adults (but that figure 
> does not
> include LADA)). Materials should be available (and appropriate) for Type 1
> adults. It is very sad that we are ignored by JDRF because we are not cute
> children.
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