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Re: [IP] losing weight the diabetic way

At 04:30 PM 1/11/2005, Karen Howard wrote:

>I am having the hardest time losing weight!  I exercise regularly and try to
>eat sensibly, but trying to lose weight is like pulling teeth.  I have a
>friend on a pump and she turns the basal rate down to 0 two hours before she
>exercises to keep her blood sugars up while working out.  Any thoughts on
>this?  The thought of going to 0 scares me.  On the other hand, I remove my
>pump during aerobics and carb load (which defeats the purpose of dieting).
>Any suggestions will be appreciated!

I underbolus for the meal prior to exercise ensuring that I will start my 
exercise at a higher bg.  This helps to keep me from going low during and 
after exercise.  I try to start my exercise somewhere between150 and 170 
and I usually end up right on target afterwards.  You may need to do some 
experimentation to find out what works best for you.  Good luck.

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