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Re: [IP] New Disetronic pump

At 11:23 PM -0500 1/10/05, Bruce Felstein wrote:
>Technically speaking IR is a form of RF just on a different 
>frequency band.  So they could get by saying that they are using RF 
>for transmission and not be wrong, although most engineering types 
>would tend to disagree with them.  The Accu-Chek Compact transfers 
>via Infra-Red as do most Palm and Pocket PC computers.  So we seem 
>to have some anomolies here

I'm really not all that "technically" knowledgeable, and I agree that 
IR can be shown on the same chart of frequencies as Radio, just as 
Xray, Ultraviolet and Gamma can be:


However IR is beyond the Radio Spectrum.  Further, there is a great 
distinction between the Radio Spectrum and IR in that there must be a 
"line of sight" for IR to be used. On the Minimed Paradigm site they 
make the statement:

"RF technology uses radio waves to "beam" information instead of 
light waves like infrared (IR) technology"

I think it is important that we not add to any confusion between the 
products.  From what I have read, the Disetronic Spirit will 
communicate with IR and not RF.   If I am mistaken, please post a 
reference to correct this.     :>)

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