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> when you take away hope, what else is left?


How about reality?  I want to acheive certain things.  I hope that certain 
things will happen.  I try to put my energy into the things I want to happen, 
and not waste too much time hoping for the things that are very unlikely, such 
as winning Lotto.  Instead, I put my energy into the causes I support, where I 
hope for accomplishments even if they don't happen in my lifetime.

I think that hope that isn't coupled with action is the stuff of Lotto or 
waking up cured - I occasionally dream it, but tend to be more focused on the 
 things that are achievable - saving some money for retirement (not just hoping
have enough) and working toward making life with diabetes better - for me, 
for others.  

Will there be a cure for type 1 someday?  Probably.  Just like for many other 
diseases.  I remember when I was in grammar school, a kid had a form of 
 cancer that had never been cured and he was one of the first few to live more
5 years with it.  He was cured, is still kicking 30 years later, and now it's 
much more likely that people will be cured of it.  40 years ago, no one was.  
It can happen, so supporting those causes makes sense.

Reality tells me, however, that it's going to be a while, so my energy tends 
to be focused elsewhere, on more immediate things.

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