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Re: [IP] Type 1

I'm still honeymooning and I am coming up on my 3 yr anniversary of dx.  I 
just pray it can continue.I've only had bg's over 300 2 or 3 times since dx. 
Even if I forget to bolus I don't go over 300 and although I did the South 
Beach diet for a month or so, I generally do the North Beach - eat anything 
and everything. I read your posts about such high numbers it blows my mind.

My onset followed both a virus and a couple months of being very stressed. I 
can't do much about getting another virus but I do now try to avoid 
stressing out.

email @ redacted
dx Type 1 1/2002
Cozmo pumping since 1/2003
CoZmore pumping & testing since 09/02/04
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