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Re: [IP] Off the wagon. Struggling for control

On Monday, January 10, 2005, email @ redacted wrote:

>  I should have been
> walking the dog...but haven't

well, i was out walking the dog today, and i'm sitting here now waiting 
for my pain pill to kick in.  i fell, broke left wrist and big toe.  
the wrist had to be very painfully reduced into a normal position, in 
the hopes that it won't need surgery.

See where exercising gets you? <gr.>

Since it is still painful to do anything at all with the fingers on 
that hand, i have been further perfecting my one-handed bg testing, 
finding that pressing against the edge of the table works more 
precisely than my teeth in getting the blood flowing after lanceting, 
though the teeth are still best for priming the lancet.  the teeth 
technique had been developed after the surgery 3 weeks ago on what is 
now my good hand.

And i'm afraid the toe is going to interfere with my every day walks -- 
actually, no kind of exercise is coming to mind as a good possibility 
for a while -- any suggestions?  luckily, i am all set up already with 
food and techniques i can do one-handed.

In my 50 years of diabetes, i, too, have been on and off that wagon 
many, many times.  i think as a younger person, i was able to tolerate 
abnormal bg much better than now, and my biggest motivation for getting 
back on these days is knowing i will feel better the closer to normal 
my bgs are.

Linda Z
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