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Re: [IP] New Disetronic pump

Technically speaking IR is a form of RF just on a different frequency 
band.  So they could get by saying that they are using RF for 
transmission and not be wrong, although most engineering types would 
tend to disagree with them.  The Accu-Chek Compact transfers via 
Infra-Red as do most Palm and Pocket PC computers.  So we seem to have 
some anomolies here


George wrote:

>Since Accu-check and Disetronic are both owned by Roche, we can 
>assume that they will tie the products together.   When I looked at 
>the Accu-chek Compact web page it did say:
>"Download your test results online with the Diabetes Assistant 
>Program or into your computer with the ACCU-CHEK Compass Software. 
>Or, you can "beam" the information, through infrared technology, into 
>your personal digital assistant (PDA) with the ACCU-CHEK Pocket 
>Compass Software."
>The Advantage and Active both read the same way.   I didn't see any 
>mention of RF capabilities.  Is that in their manual?   It seems 
>quite incongruous for them to change their transmission technology.
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