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[IP] Out of control

 Knock on wood I have never been in the hospital as a result of being out of
control. But for me out of control is the bad numbers that I have been having
which is anywhere from 35 to 395. I feel like a yo-yo. One of the things about
diabetes that I find very frustrating is during those times in the past when I
was doing everything that I am supposed to and the numbers do not stay in line.
I am supposed to stay between 80 to 110. I know a diabetic who has been in
"perfect" control fo 30 years now. She has never cheated and counts every morsel
of food. I don't know how she has done it for so long. It is comforting to know
that there are others on the list that have problems with control. Today was a
pretty good day other than over treating a low and then of course going to high.
I am back to keeping my log of all food, boluses, exercise etc. Does anybody
else keep logs? And what kind of forms do you use?

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