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[IP] Re: New Disetronic pump

At 1:01 AM +0000 1/11/05, Bill Anderson wrote:
>Hi. Harry. About that new Disetronic "Spirit" pump. This pump will 
>be able to communicate with all current RF tech meters and all new 
>future ones...

>become upside down too. And it will also fit the H-tron reserviors. 
>I WANT ONE!!!! (or two).....Bill

At 9:21 PM -0500 1/10/05, JHughey wrote:
>Lessee, since you have a working. practically new 508, plus 2 Paradigms,
>how many will this make you if you get 2 of these new D versions? LOL

He did say "ONE" and he hasn't been an active Disetrpnic customer,so 
I don't think he qualifies for the "two for one" special.  So that 
would be 4 pumps.   I have 3, my IR1000 and my two H-trons, one due 
for inspection now and the other has a few months left.  I'm keeping 
them as back-ups.

A question I do have about Bill's post is that he says the Spirit 
will be compatible with RF meters. What other meter besides the B&D 
uses RF?

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