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Re: [IP] sleepovers and independence

thanks kate -
 it's people like you who tell me what lauren will be feeling in the future
years. It is like having a crystal ball. Caryn

Kate Fassett <email @ redacted> wrote:

I am also quite glad that Lauren will get to attend the sleepover!

I found myself feeling very overwhelmed by many of the parents' reactions on 
the list to letting their children out of their sight or letting them spend 
a night away from home. I am not, however, a parent myself yet...so I don't 
know how I would react in a situation like this.

I do want to give the perspective from someone who was never given the 
message that being a diabetic would limit or inhibit me from doing something 
I wanted to do. My father is also a Type 1 and wanted me to live as normal 
of a life as possible. Though my parents did their fair share of worrying, 
tight control was not their number one concern, they wanted me to live a 
normal life and gave me the tools I needed to handle emergencies - one of 
which was a great deal of trust that at 10 years old I could manage the 
disease myself and give my own shots, etc. Because of these values and 
confidence they instilled in me I have done some great things including 
living and studying abroad both in high school and in college in Costa Rica, 
Ecuador, Mexico and Spain. I feel like this mind-set of not feeling 
inhibited by my diabetes also allowed me to fight to be accepted by the 
Peace Corps in June of 2004. My husband and I are currently serving as 
Peace Corps volunteers in Bulgaria and having a wonderful experience. Guess 
how many Bulgarians I've already educated about Diabetes!?

I realize that being the parent is quite a different experience than being 
the kid with D, but I can say that in my 18 years of living with it I would 
have regretted missing sleepovers, camps, travelling, and being "normal" 
much more than it ever was a problem to get up at night for some juice or 
glucotabs without Mom to help me out.

dx. 1986, pmpg with Animas for 2.5 years.
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