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At 5:26 PM -0800 1/10/05, Caryn Lee wrote:
>  I think most doctors will tell you that a positive attitude plays a very
>important part in our chemistry and how we handle things. I believe a cure is
>just around the corner and will never stop believing. Once you turn 
>negative it
>affects everything and why would you want to not be a positive force.

I haven't given up on a Cure, but you have to admit, after 40 years 
of hearing that it is going to be this decade, you do tend to get a 
bit skeptical.   I understand that you place your hopes of a Cure for 
your child's future.  I only wish that they will not have to wait 40 
years, or 65.

I know this part should be on Spirit, it is not intended to inflame 
OR to start ANY discussion.  I received notice from JFRF to contact 
your representatives to cosponsor the Castle/DeGette Stem Cell 
Research Enhancement Act to move this important field of research 

To find out who your Representative is go to 
<http://www.capitolconnect.com/jdrf/legislatorsearch.asp >.

THAT is ALL!!!   ANY further discussion of this MUST be on the SPIRIT List.

who would be happy knowing that his grandkids will not face the Diabeasties!
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