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Re: [IP] airports and fast food

At 05:50 PM 1/10/2005, Sue Ann Bowling wrote:
>Speaking of fast food...
>I'm flying down to Arizona this weekend (just in time, our forecast is for 
>40 below tonight) and will have to have breakfast and pick up a sack lunch 
>in Seattle.  Looks like the choice (unless I want to take a couple of 
>extra trips through security) is going to be Burger King, the bagel 
>factory, or something called Sea Fare snacks.  Do any of them have 
>anything worth eating, or should I plan on packing breakfast and 
>lunch?  Same thing coming back, except 1 hour plane-to-plane at dinner 
>time instead of 5 (all morning from just after 6 am.)
>It's getting pretty hard to avoid fast food.
>Sue Ann Bowling, North Pole, Alaska

I would choose the bagel place since I like them better than fast food 
burgers.  Bolusing for bagels can be tricky, however, if you aren't used to 
eating them.  Another thing I like to take along when traveling on planes 
is a peanut butter sandwich.  You don't have to worry about keeping it cold 
and no matter how long it sits in your bag, it still tastes ok.  Another 
choice is peanut butter crackers.  I tried cheese and crackers once, but 
the cheese got kinda funny after sitting in my carry on bag warm for a few 
hours.  However, IMO, eating fast food once on a trip is not life 
threatening either.

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