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Re: [IP] Off the wagon. Struggling for control

You must be my soul sister - I am the SAME way.  I joined this list in an 
attempt to "get back on the wagon" when I got my new paradigm to replace my 
old 508.  I too have been pumping for over 8 years now and i have had 
diabetes for 24 years now.  Advice - keep on trying, when you fall off get 
back up and get back on  - don't stay off.  And if you do stay off for a 
while well don't beat yourself up over it - just get back on. Love yourself 
because then maybe you will take better care of yourself.  Remember all the 
reasons you have for being healthy - in my case it is five children and a 
wonderful wife.
Remember each day if the first day of the rest of your life.

I hope this helps

Robert B
"I realized that resignation to suffering from diabetes substitutes poorly
 for the courage to manage it appropriately." Melissa P. Ford, doctoral 
in early modern British history at Oxford University; founding coordinator 
the Oxford University Student Union Diabetes Network; member of Balliol 

> I don't know how to subject this other than off the wagon...I have been on 
> the
> pump for 8 years now and just like before going on the pump (been type 1 
> for 18
> years) I have my periods of good control and then bad control. Well, I 
> have been
> in a bad period for to long now and am struggling to get back to where I 
> should
> be. Has any one on the list had this problem? I just wish that I could 
> keep the
> good control for longer periods. Usually it is some rotten event in my 
> life that
> send me into...dare I say... non compliance periods. You all on the list 
> sound
> like you have it so together. Any advice anyone can give would be greatly
> appreciated. Amy
> .
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