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[IP] My turn to RANT

Amy:  I am with you girl.  After my best A1C ever, 6.6 last month  I have 
been between 190 and 400 for weeks.  Using much more insulin and raising my 
 basels quite a bit. My pump did not tell me when my 3 day site change was due
so I
figured today, it had probably not been changed for a week.  The site looked 
good but with the change, I am having some good numbers today.  I am so sick 
and tired of always having to fuss about this D-- Disease!  It seems that  I 
spend too much time messing with  my numbers and basels!

Does any one of you ever feel like you need a day off????  I have been 
 messing with this dang thing for 42 years and I am sick of it!! /Guess I needed
rant today.  Sorry. 
Jackie P
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