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[IP] Re: Life Expectancy

We believe that life expectancy is based on genetics and diet.
My grandmother and grandfather lived to be 96 and 98,
Mother and father still alive and very well at 70 and 71 diabetics all.
My mother was the only one treated and that with some form of oral
medication.  She took it when it came to mind.  This able lady is still
working as a nurse in A Christian Science sanatorium and is a registered
nurse.  Father is a Homeopathic physician.  The grand parents shared the
same lifelong vocation.  They were early graduates of Hanneman Medical
College in Chicago.
Their whole lives were dedicated to showing a better way of life through
diet and exercise.
They have gone done in history as being real leaders in this field.
Our diet consists of all pure foods, organic foods.  Proteins come from all
legumes, Tofu and all its variants also daily intake of seeds and nuts such
as almonds, walnuts and peanuts.
Carbs are all those wonderful tuberous products and our minerals and
vitamins come from organic vegies.  We take large amounts of supplements and
do very well on this regime.
My progenitors really led the way in these programs along with Kellogg and
Fredericks.  Today the greatest teaching group amongst city folk are the
dedicated SDA members who perform herculean tasks when getting people to eat
right.  The main teaching center for them is Loma Linda Medical Center and
School with the many stores around this center life is very good.
Everyone needs to have a copy of their famous Prune Cake. It is not what you
usually think a prune cake is all about. Wonderful.
Good eating and avoid FAST FOOD JUNK places.  They have no interest in you
well being and provide the most inferior of products.
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