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Re: [IP] Re: Caremark Insurance

 Caremark will accept phone Rxs for Drs. but, many doctors will not do this. So
you have to rely on 'snail mail' to get your Rxs. It pays to get it right or you
have delays. This is what happened to me. the Rx that my Dr. wrote made perfect
sense to me...but noooooo, not to Caremark. So I had to get another one sent
from the Dr. to me and I, in turn had to send ot to Caremark..what a drag.
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It was strange to find your insurance/med question on the IP list. I'm in 
the same boat. I seem to have the same Federal Blue Cross Blue Shield and was
switched from Medco to Caremark on the first. Another problem is that 
Caremark doesn't do faxes and my Dr usually faxes prescriptions in. Everything
must be called (and maybe then mailed) or mailed to them. I hope quantity 
isn't going to be a problem. I want 1000 strips for a three mo period and 11 
bottles of Novolog plus thryoid meds for my daughter. Then there's my meds. I
hate this. If you learn any 'tricks' please let me know.

Nancy, USPS for now (REC closing in July)
Mom of Elizabeth 13, dx 5/97, pump R1000 7/01
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