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[IP] Need ideas

 Hi Donna--Another idea for JDRF: acknowledge that most people with Type 1
(juvenile) diabetes are adults, and acknowledge that most people who are
diagnosed with Type 1 are adults (according to the CDC, 30,000 new cases of Type
1 are diagnosed each year, 17,000 of which are adults (but that figure does not
include LADA)). Materials should be available (and appropriate) for Type 1
adults. It is very sad that we are ignored by JDRF because we are not cute

Melitta and Mr. Pumpy (Disetronic H-tron+)

Date: Sat, 8 Jan 2005 13:07:24 -0600
From: "Donna S." <email @ redacted>
Subject: [IP] Need ideas

Hi everyone - emailed the local JDRF when I was in a very bad mood and 
told them that thanks to their help many of us had lived to the point where 
we no longer "fit in". Okay, it was in response to a mailing they sent 
 regarding upcoming events for "my child". I told them they should be sending
mailing to my 90 year old parents but they probably wouldn't be able to 
make the meeting. Also suggested that JDRF really is there for parents and
children who are dealing with Type 1 and the American Diabetes Assoc is
mainly there for Type 2 so where does that leave most of us in this 
group?  Well, they called my bluff and want to meet with me next week to 
discuss what they can do to include adult Type 1's. Any ideas/suggestions? I 
had what I thought were a few good ideas when we first began checking 
schedules to set up the meeting but didn't write them down.  Thanks. . .  Donna
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