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Re: [IP] MM 715: Airport screening problems

 Hi Patrick, It is most likely a result of the degree of sensitivity of the
screening equipment, which can be adjusted up or down.
 To avoid problems I always take my pump out of my pocket upon aproaching the
screeners and show it to them. their first reaction almost always that it is a
pager, but they quickly realize that it is a pump. I have never had a problem
with security and I fly about as much as you do. BTW, since I always want to be
able to show my pump to the screeners I make sure that I wear clothes that have
pockets so I don't have to put my pump in my bra (not that you would have a
problem with that..lol). Cynthia

I just got back from a business trip. It was the second one I've taken 
since receiving my MM 715.

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