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[IP] Re: off the wagon, struggling for control

In a message dated 1/10/2005 11:54:00 A.M. Central Standard Time,  
email @ redacted writes:

A doctor  told me years ago the if he could keep his diabetic patients out of
the  hospital for 6 months , he felt they were doing a good  jo

6 months?  I have not been in the hospital in, let's see, umm,  1978.  That 
would make it how many years?  27?  Knock on wood and  Praise the 
 Lord!!!!!!!!!! Not that I haven't had out of control episodes but gee all they
ever did
for me at the hospital was hook me up to an IV and use  Regular insulin to 
 bring down the highs. I have taken care of the highs by myself for so many
I wouldn't consider going to the hospital unless I was  spilling Ketones and 
lots of them for a long period of time!  Actually I  have only been in the 
hospital a total of 4 times in my almost 42 years with  diabetes.  Once at 
 diagnosis, age 8. then age 13, then age 19 and the last time was age 23. I am
 going to be 50 next week. Only went to the hospital one time for a low--bg 25
 at that time--I was 21. Now I can function quite well with a near 25 bg! How
times change.
Take care all!
Debbie and "Annie" from Western KY
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