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Re: [IP] Off the wagon. Struggling for control

In a message dated 1/10/2005 8:37:50 AM Mountain Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:
You all on the list sound
like you have it so together. Any advice anyone can give would be greatly
appreciated. Amy

This is NOT me. Ever since we moved (June) I have been home during the day as 
I search for a job. As this is a small community and I am applying for jobs 
with a title I have not previously held...it's tough. I have had three 
interviews - but no job. Have NEVER in my life had 3 interviews and still been 
unemployed. Oh well. Anyway...during the day I have been terrible with what I 
 eat...junk food...fast food stuff I hadn't touched in years. I eat a good
 and a good dinner - but in the middle of the day...not good. I should have been
walking the dog...but haven't etc... I just seem to be in a black hole... So 
I have no anwsers for you...just a kindred spirit that as you so wonderfully 
put it - needs to get back on the wagon.  Good Luck...maybe we can encourage 

On an aside - I have a treadmill - but the room it is in still has lots of 
boxes and such... I thought I was getting a TV/VCR combo for xmas and I was 
 putting it in there so I can watch videos and use the treadmill (my favorite
to do it) instead it was a Cd player for the living room... I was bummed had 
 started clearing a path but stopped... (I know I know you perfects out there
it's just an excuse...yup you're right!). But today I am back at it and maybe 
I will make some progress. I do have some buds here that are signing up for a 
belly dancing class...hmmmm took one before - maybe. It's just really hard on 
my feet. But we shall see... it's a new day!

Linda & Dax
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