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[IP] Re: occlusion & disconnecting to prime

 Theoretically that would still be the appropriate thing to do with the IR1200
after an occlusion alarm, i.e. disconnect to prime. However <G> with so many
occlusion alarms in the 3 IR1200s that "went bad" this became an extreme
inconvenience. I would disconnect for the first few times, then.... I learned to
prime while still connected. But not wanting to actually put more insulin in my
system, I found that I could just press the "continue" and "go prime" buttons
without holding them down, so the system would consider itself primed but I
hadn't actually put any more insulin through the tubing. Warning: don't try this
at home. :(
Sybil and AnnSueLynn the IR1200 Animas pump
With the 1200, do you still have to disconnect and prime after you have 
an occlusion?  A couple years ago, I was wearing a dress, with the 
infusion set in my buttocks, and on a crowded bus, when the occlusion 
alarm on my R1000 sounded (I never knew from what).  Luckily I had the 
pump threaded into a pocket, since I had to keep my thumb on the 
"activate" button, ready to press every 3 minutes when the "no prime" 
alarms came, until I could get off the bus and find a private place to 
disconnect.  Ever since, I try to at least have pretty thin material 
over hard-to-access infusion sites when I am in public, so that I could 
at least disconnect moderately discreetly <gr.>, and maybe even 

Linda Z
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