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Re: [IP] Caremark insurance techniques

 Your Dr. must write a Rx for a three month supply and be very clear on how many
strips that should be. I get 900 strips at a time. Caremark is pretty good as
long as the doctor writes Rx for 3 months. I have had a few screw-ups until
Caremark, the doctor and myself all got on the same page. If you have an
questions, call caremark and they will be glad to help you out and tell you how
the Rx should be written. cynthia

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My insurance (FEP BC) has switched its mail orders to Caremark, from 
Merck Medco. It took me a long time to train Medco on shipping the 
number of strips my doctor ordered. Anyone have tips on what needs to 
be in the prescription for Caremark to fill 10/day strip usage, or 
suggestions for tips to facilitate working with them? (I only 
succeeded in getting that prescription filled with Medco when the 
doctor wrote the specific times of day and other occasions when I 
needed to test; also, certain medications required special 
authorizations, but Medco would mislead me about what the problem was 
-- often just saying it was in process-- until I learned to ask that 
specific question whenever a medication was late, if I had not thought 
of it earlier.)

Linda Z
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