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Re: [IP] Software Enhancements for Pumps

Brian Wrote:
 The Cozmo doesn't let you deliver an extended bolus while one is already
delivering. I wish it would, as I've had several occasions where I'd like to do

Ricardo Responds:
Brian, thanks for the feedback. 

 I guess all pumps allow you to stack carb boluses but wont let you stack
extended boluses. I am not sure if there is a safety reason why it is not

 It seems stacking is necessary if someone wanted to use the TAG method of
calculating carb loading since the proteins and fats convert to glucose at a
slower rate. For example I have needed it when I gave a combo bolus after I ate
a few slices from a pizza pie and ate additional slices several hours later
while the first combo was still active.

 My usual workaround is the manual math calculations I described in the first
post. As an alternative I am experimenting with using the combo bolus for the
first set of slices and using a normal bolus along with an increase in temp
basal rates for the second set of slices. Both techniques work to give
additional insulin over extended time periods and if you alternate between the
two techniques you can simulate stacking. The math calculations for the percent
basal increase method is a little more complex than a combo bolus but a simple
spreadsheet can be set up to do the work. I think you are right that it should
not be hard to implement extended bolus stacking into the pump especially if we
can do it via a spreadsheet.
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