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Re: [IP] Software Enhancements for Pumps

Ricardo wrote:

>This is one software enhancement I would like to see for the Animas. Do 
>the Cozmo or MiniMed pumps allow you to stack Combo boluses?
The Cozmo doesn't let you deliver an extended bolus while one is already 
delivering.  I wish it would, as I've had several occasions where I'd 
like to do that.  My last pump, a MM 508, didn't let you do it either.  
In fact, there were a lot of things, including priming, that you 
couldn't do while a square wave was delivering.

Can't speak to the current crop of MiniMed pumps, but I doubt you can 
stack square waves.  Doesn't seem like it'd be that difficult to 
implement, though...


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