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Re: [IP] is IP working?/my stress test

 OH you poor dear! I will let you borrow my hanky. :) Ok, I will send in
something so you have something to read tonite.
 On friday morning at 6:30 am. I had to report to the Memorial hermann hospitial
in my area for my stress test to be started at 7 am. I did the nuclear dye test
and the stairmaster test. Now first, I only got maybe 4 hours of sleep to
prepare for it. Why? I was a bit nervous and I am used to going to bed at 2 or 3
am. The dye they now use is not the same as the type that most of you may have
taken. This was in clear form and when I mentioned about my pump and diabetes,
they said it is ok and my blood sugars will not be harmed. I also had to do some
radiologic tests with an EKG after I was injected via IV with this dye,, wait an
hour and go under the machine, then take some more dye through the IV,,, then
wait a few minutes, then go to the cardiopulmanary area for my treadmill test. I
was there strapped up wtih all them tapes and extension cords that led to this
computer that can read my heart rates. I was then prompted by a cardiologist and
radiologist to step up the tread!
 mill and
  start walking,,, constantly my blood pressure was monitored,,,, and it was
rising throughtout the test,,, as it should. It went as high as 160/94, and I
was on the machine for 10 minutes. The final 2 minutes was the most important.
In the middle of all this, they gave me some more dye,,, then during the final 2
minutes, I was given a cardiolite injection which checked how my heart function
is running at a high stress level. The dye will stop at any artery that is
clogged.. Final result,,, everything went fine. but I was dizzy and wheazy
afterwards and throughout the day. then around 4 am saturday morning, as we were
going to bed. I started to uncontrollably shake. my whole body was trembling and
shaking. I was scared. I thought I was having a reaction to either the dye or
the cardiolite injection. I was feeling dizzy too. My live in girlfriend checked
my blood pressure and I was a bit high still, but not by much. My sugar was 115,
as I checked that. She then suggested that!
  she take
  me to the emergency room. We got there a few minutes and from 4:30 am, we were
there til almost 9:30. But within a few minutes as I was laying on the bed
there, I had a blanket bought to me and later I was not shaken anymore As a few
fire fighters were sent in to take some blood from me,, as they all were having
trouble finding a good vein, I was feeling better, but still drowzy. They took
some xrays of my heart and they were clear. My blood work was clear too. So the
doc there then said that I have anxiety attack. I was thinking that too but
wanted to be sure. My blood sugars were running high though, and I was not
getting any sleep the whole friday night through saturday late morning when we
got back home. we needed to sleep and our saturday was lost with sleeping it
all. My pump is working fine and now my sugars are more normalized. So with all
the radiology exposings and cardiology exposings, my pump did not malfunction. I
will stop here.
Robert N.

Earl and Kay Guy <email @ redacted> wrote:

This is a test. I haven't received any IP mail for several hours.
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