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[IP] sleepovers and independence

I found  myself feeling very overwhelmed by many of the parents' reactions on 
the  list to letting their children out of their sight or letting them spend 
a  night away from home.  I am not, however, a parent myself yet...so I  
know how I would react in a situation like this.

I do want to  give the perspective from someone who was never given the 
message that  being a diabetic would limit or inhibit me from doing something 
I wanted  to do

Bravo Kate,  your comments reflect my feelings totally.  I think  I know how 
you will be as a parent.  You will be just like your parents  were with you.  
You will let them live normal lives and encourage them  to follow their 
 dreams. My parents were like yours. I have 2 children that I allowed to do the
 same. As a parent, I did worry about my children, but not to the point of not
letting them live  their life.  If either did have diabetes, I would have been 
no  different.  I personally think children with diabetes are smarter than  
their peers, partially because they are forced to mature sooner in order to  
 understand their diabetes. I have had thousands of lows and thousands of highs
and I can tell you, that neither will come close to  killing your child at a 
sleepover.  I think that the improved  technology today with respect to pumps 
and monitoring devices will help most  children live normal life spans.  I 
have had diabetes for 45 years  and  I have had a good life.
  Life has risks.  I picked up a hitchhiker in the 70's who stole  my insulin 
and syringes.  What did I learn?  I learned not to pick up  hitchhikers.  I 
ran out of insulin traveling through the Sinai  desert?  What did I learn?  I 
learned to make sure I always had enough  insulin when I was traveling.  I had 
2 children when doctors advised me not  to have any.  What did I learn?  
 Doctors don't know everything and children are wonderful. To parents, I would
just like to say that you  might be doing more harm by limiting your child's 
 activities than you would by allowing her to learn through experience how to
care of  herself. 
Kate, I am very proud of what you are doing in the Peace Corps.  Good  luck 
to you.   ellen
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