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Re: [IP] Occlusion "sensitivity" setting & Priming

I think it's their verbage that is causing the problem. By using the 
word 'sensitivity' it messes with our brains. My information
is on page 61 and if I typed in 57 I apologize. Maybe we should think 
of it as if we set the sensitivity level to low, it has
less patience with pressure and goes off quicker.....:) If we set the 
sensitivity to H (high) then it has a higher tolerance to
put up with pressure from tiny air bubbles. Now, hope I've added to the 
confusion......let Animas straighten it out....

I see you have a little green gremlin in your pump too.....they cause 
the alarms to go off only under the most inopportune

> LOL, Well MY instruction book for the Animas IR1000 says the same as 
> Margo's, but it is on p.57, not 61.  I assume your pump is an IR1200, 
> Barbara?  Did Animas actually reverse the meanings with the new pump?  
> Seems pretty odd -- I would have thought it would have been better to 
> use new words than to just reverse the old ones (which were pretty 
> confusing, admittedly).
> With the 1200, do you still have to disconnect and prime after you 
> have an occlusion?  A couple years ago, I was wearing a dress, with 
> the infusion set in my buttocks, and on a crowded bus, when the 
> occlusion alarm on my R1000 sounded (I never knew from what).  Luckily 
> I had the pump threaded into a pocket, since I had to keep my thumb on 
> the "activate" button, ready to press every 3 minutes when the "no 
> prime" alarms came, until I could get off the bus and find a private 
> place to disconnect.  Ever since, I try to at least have pretty thin 
> material over hard-to-access infusion sites when I am in public, so 
> that I could at least disconnect moderately discreetly <gr.>, and 
> maybe even reconnect.
> Linda Z
> .
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