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[IP] Re: Occlusion (my last comment, I promise!)

Yes, Margo, you're correct---but we are talking about two different 
Animas pumps.  I've used both.  The IR 1000 has the Occlusion 
Sensitivity one way and it has been reversed in the IR 1200.  
Personally, I think the IR 1200 version makes more sense, ie., set it 
so L(ow) if you don't want it to detect every little thing and set it 
to H(igh) if you do!

> Subject: Re: [IP] Occlusion "sensitivity" setting
> Mine is definitely set on High. When it was set on low is when I had
> all the occlusion alarms. Page 61 of the Animas instruction book
> covering Occlusion Limits for the IR1000:
> "To increase the sensitivity of the occlusion detection set the
> OCCLUSION LIMITS to "L". To decrease the sensitivity of the occlusion
> detection, set the OCCLUSION LIMITS to "H" (This is the default setting
> of your pump)
> "Your pump detects occlusions or blockages in the flow of insulin by
> measuring the force required to push the insulin out of the cartridge.
> If the pump measures too high of a force, the pump will alarm."
> Margo
>> I just checked the Animas book and it says, p. 54,  "Set your
>> occlusion detection sensitivity to High (more sensitive) or Low (less
>> sensitive)."  So, Margo and Roselea---are you really using the H or
>> the L?  I am using the H to make sure it lets me know if there is any
>> disruption what-so-ever.
>> Barbara
>> .
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