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Re: [IP] Occlusion "sensitivity" setting & Priming

> On Sunday, January 9, 2005 Margo wrote:
>> Page 61 of the Animas instruction book
>> covering Occlusion Limits for the IR1000:
>> "To increase the sensitivity of the occlusion detection set the
>> OCCLUSION LIMITS to "L". To decrease the sensitivity of the occlusion
>> detection, set the OCCLUSION LIMITS to "H"
In response to:
>>  Jan 8, 2005, at 8:04 PM, email @ redacted wrote:
>>> I just checked the Animas book and it says, p. 54,  "Set your
>>> occlusion detection sensitivity to High (more sensitive) or Low (less
>>> sensitive)."

LOL, Well MY instruction book for the Animas IR1000 says the same as 
Margo's, but it is on p.57, not 61.  I assume your pump is an IR1200, 
Barbara?  Did Animas actually reverse the meanings with the new pump?  
Seems pretty odd -- I would have thought it would have been better to 
use new words than to just reverse the old ones (which were pretty 
confusing, admittedly).

With the 1200, do you still have to disconnect and prime after you have 
an occlusion?  A couple years ago, I was wearing a dress, with the 
infusion set in my buttocks, and on a crowded bus, when the occlusion 
alarm on my R1000 sounded (I never knew from what).  Luckily I had the 
pump threaded into a pocket, since I had to keep my thumb on the 
"activate" button, ready to press every 3 minutes when the "no prime" 
alarms came, until I could get off the bus and find a private place to 
disconnect.  Ever since, I try to at least have pretty thin material 
over hard-to-access infusion sites when I am in public, so that I could 
at least disconnect moderately discreetly <gr.>, and maybe even 

Linda Z
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