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[IP] Minimed 508 Sils used in Paradigm

Hello Rodney,
Yes I tried it.  When I got my 712 I still had about a box and a half of the 
sils left.  I filled the 712 up with 300 units and then after 2 days I put 
in a new infusion set., from the left over 508 supplies and finished out the 
insulin. Normally I put in about 240 units and go 3 days.  Anyway they 
worked great.

Robert B
- I hope the diabetic police, or FDA don't find out about this :-)

> Pumpers and Friends,
>    I have a friend who has changed over to the 715 from a 508. She got her 
> new pump last month. After the first of the year she lost her insurance. 
> She asked me about that she can do. She has about 3 months of supplies for 
> the 715 and about a year for the 508. As she was looking at the two sets 
> of supplies she fould that only the tubing for each pump is different, so 
> she asked me if she could use the part of the set does in the body from 
> the 508 with the tubing for the 715.  I tried it and as far as I can tell 
> it works. Since she was reusing the tubing anyway, I guess it will work 
> for abit until she can get covered again.
>    Has anyone else tried it?  I have been look online for more info but 
> have had no luck so far.
>                       Rodney
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